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We are a Pennsylvania company incorporated in 2003.

Our management includes over 20 years of owning a Pennsylvania State Inspection Station and performing State Inspections. Our senior development management has over 50 years in creating effective and easy to use computer systems.

We recognize that many computer systems are hard to use and don’t really help you do your job – let alone save you time and money.

As the MAP to the left indicates, Compuspections is an industry leader with an extensive installed base of satisfied customers.
Bernie Elder - Compuspections Dave Thomas Bob Wiggins

Bernie Elder

(724) 898-1199x5 or via

Bernie Elder has spent 30 years in the automotive business as a repair shop owner and the last 15 as founder and president of CompuSpections, LLC. Bernie is a licensed Pennsylvania Inspection Mechanic and serves on Safety Advisory Boards.

Dave Thomas
Field Service Representative

(724) 757-2247 or via

Dave has learned during the past 20 years that the automotive industry is where he belongs. The people are the easiest to connect with and everyone has a story worth listening to. His background consists of automotive software programs, employee benefits, retention and customer satisfaction.

Bob Wiggins - Training Specialist
and Field Service Representative
(717) 468-6935 or via

Dave Thomas Dick Dooley Dick Dooley

Ken Seal
Field Service Representative

(484) 566-2070 or via

Ken has spent over 25 years in the automotive industry in sales, marketing, business coaching and development. His background in the industry at all levels has helped businesses be sucessful.

Dick Dooley
Eastern Sales

(267) 240-5116 or via


Coleen Oskin
Billing & Office Support

(724) 898-1199x2 or via
  Tim Hodge  



Tim Hodge
Internet & Web Services

(928) 208-9199 or via

Tim spent 25 years in the power and nuclear industries as a chemical, environmental and IT specialist. Tim also has 18 years experience with graphics design, web development and application programming.


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