Postcard Reminders

Upcoming Inspection, Worn Brake Pad and Low Tire Tread Reminders

Retain Customers​

Reminder postcards can help your business retain previous customers.


Postcards are generated from your customer data in SIRPAWeb.

Sales Integration​

We also offer matching your sales with PDI records

Postcard Design

We work with you to design the perfect reminder postcard for your business.


  • For inspection reminders we require at least 1 year of using one of our SIR services so the data needed is available to produce the postcards.
  • Tire and Brake reminders require can start only after a few months of data.
  • Sales integration requires your sales data in a specific format to be sent to us.

Contact Us About Postcard Reminders

Tim Hodge: 928-208-9419 or via Email