Terms and Conditions

Current customer

  • Must be a current CompuSpections SIRPAWEB customer.
  • Referral must include Station name, address, contact name, Contact phone number for new customer. You will also need to provide your station name, station Number, Contact name for referral credit. Or have the new customer call us They will need to provide us with your Station name, number for you to receive the credit.
  • New referral must sign up for CompuSpections SIRPAWEB and make their first payment before you will receive a credit (3 months free).
  • If your referral terminates their service before 4 months of payments have been made, the referral will become void and you will not receive a 3 month credit.

New Customer

  • Must be a Pennsylvania Certified Inspection Station.
  • To receive referral credit you must provide Station name, Station number, and contact name of your referrer.
  • Upon signup you will have three months free to use the CompuSpections SIRPAWEB, and then decide if you want to keep the software. If you choose to continue using SIRPAWEB your monthly fee will take effect in the fourth month of service.
  • If you Terminate your service before making 4 months of Payments* your referrer will not receive a credit.
  • As an elected add on you may purchase a handheld barcode scanner for scanning vehicle registration cards, $199.00 plus tax. While not required is highly recommended for getting the full functionally out of SIRPAWEB. Payment for the scanner will be collected before your scanner ships. Scanner comes with a 5 year Manufactures warranty.
  • Payments can be made via; Check by mail, Over the phone, or Automatic payment with e-check, Credit/Debit card.

*(months 4, 5, 6, 7 of service)

Contact Us About this Special Promotion

Call us at (724)898-1199 x2 or Email Coleen at compuspections.com