Data Mining Postcard Program
DATA Integrated
Postcard Reminder &
Customer Retention Builder
You gained a customer...
Now it's time to keep them with
personalized service reminders!
  • Your Inspections can be "Data Mined" and utilized to create Custom Customer Postcard Reminders.
  • Postcards are prepared and mailed by the middle of the month for the upcoming month.
  • Postcards can have customer and vehicle information such as Last Inspection Date, Milage, Tire Tread Depth, Brake Pad Thickness and More.
  • No Setup Fees and No Contracts.
Retain Customers
Increase customer loyalty with "Data Integrated" personalized service reminders that are customer vehicle data integrated.
Data Integration
Postcard reminders are automa­tically generated monthly from your shops customer inspection history directly from .
Sales Integration
We offer matching and linking to your previous sales data to your PDI history.
Postcard Design
Our art department personally workd with you to design the perfect custom reminder postcard for your business.
For Inspection Reminder Postcards we require at least 1 year of the use of .
For Tire and Brake Reminder Postcards requires only 2 months of use to start.
For Sales Integration we require your vehicle sales history in a CSV or Excel file format.
For More Info Contact
Shaun Donovan (724) 898-1199 ext.4